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Υποστήριξη και λήψεις: Epson EB-450Wi [240v]

How to use the interactive pen for the EB-450Wi/EB-460i and EB-455Wi/EB-465i


  • EB-450Wi/460i and EB-455Wi/465i projectors
  • Interactive pen


What is the Epson Interactive projector and how does it work?

The Epson Ultra-short-throw interactive projectors turn any standard whiteboard or smooth surface into an interactive surface. This is possible as the interactive capabilities are built into the projector and is an alternative to using an interactive whiteboard.

Epson's interactive projectors work by utilising Infa-Red technology. The interactive pen acts as a mouse and communicates with the CCD (charge-coupled device) camera in the projector which detects the position of the pen. The information is then passed to the computer connected to the projector via USB. This makes it possible to make and save notes and drawings.

Getting to know the interactive pen:

Use the pen by pressing in the direction shown in image (B), perpendicular to the wall. This will give the best response. Image (A) and image (C) will also give the correct response. Pressing the pen onto the screen at sharp angles will be less effective and could potentially weaken the tip.

The pen will operate effectively at most angles but excessive angles will decrease the response and may damage the tip over time.

When installing the projector, calibration is required. During the calibration process, make sure you do not hold down the button on the pen. Holding down the button will cause the calibration to complete incorrectly. Holding down the button whilst writing should also be avoided.

Do not hold the button during the calibration process

What can I do to maintain the optimum working condition of the pen?

  • Do not throw or drop the pen, and avoid any shocks to the pen and its tip. We recommend adding a wrist-strap through the strap attachment hole.

  • When not in use, keep the pen secured and in a safe place.

  • Always store the pen with the tip in the air as this will ensure there is no permanent pressure on the tip whilst in storage.

  • Avoid placing the pen in a bag or pocket to avoid accidental activation.

  • Do not push hard on the tip of the pen.

  • Do not use excessive pressure when using the pen, e.g. pressing down hard to make the pen operate, as this is unnecessary and could cause problems over time.

  • Slide the pen along the screen surface softly and perpendicular for the best results.

  • Avoid shocks to the tip of the pen - do not hit or tap the pen hard against the wall (or screen surface).

    If the projector came with a pen tray, install the pen tray in a horizontal position (as shown in the image below) and use the tray to store the pen.


If the pen stops working correctly and there appears to be a fault, follow the below steps:

  1. Check the condition of the battery. Press the button on the pen.

    • When the button is pressed the indicator should turn on. If it does not the battery will need to be replaced. This will require two AAA alkaline batteries.

    Press the button Green light should be displayed

  2. Check the USB connection between the projector and the PC. Make sure the USB cable is connected correctly and the PC detects the projector.

  3. Ensure there is nothing blocking the light path between the camera in the projector and the pen.

  4. Direct sunlight may interfere with the communication between the pen and the surface. Check blinds are closed if required.

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