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Υποστήριξη και λήψεις: EH-LS100

Are infrared (IR) wireless microphones compatible with the interactive features of the EB-450Wi / EB-460i?


  • EPSON multimedia projectors EB-450Wi and EB-460i
  • Third-party infrared (IR) wireless microphones


Many infrared (IR) wireless microphones on the market use the same IR wavelength as the projector's interactive pen. As a result, the pen and the microphone conflict with each other and the pen may fail to operate. We therefore recommend that you do not use an IR wireless microphone at the same time as the projector's interactive features.

The IR wavelength of the EB-450Wi and EB-460i is 850nm.  The IR wavelength of microphones is generally 850 - 870nm.

Other infrared communication devices

Remote controls and laser pointers using IR will not cause interference with the interactive pen, provided that you don't move the devices close to the projector's IR receptor area, and don't emit IR to the IR receptor directly. In normal circumstances, you can therefore use these types of IR communication devices and the projector's interactive features at the same time without any problems.

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