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EB-Z8000 Series: Can we use EasyMP functions?


  • EB-Z8000WU, EB-Z8050W
  • EasyMP functionality


EasyMP™ functions are available on the EB-Z8050W only. The functions are the same as latest EasyMP models launched by Epson. You can connect from one PC to up to 4 projectors via the wired or wireless network. However, PC Free functions are not available.

The "Network presentation" function enables a PC to transmit images over IP via wired or wireless to a projector connected to the network. This feature is an ideal way for transmitting images to a projector over a long distance where conventional video cables can not and allows customers to reduce installation costs. It is also ideal for multi-screen applications in large venues because it allows a single PC to transmit the same images or different images to up to 4 projectors connected to a network. In addition wireless capability allows a presenter to move about freely with a PC during a presentation and to switch to other presenters easily without having to reconnect cables. With the optional wireless LAN unit installed a PC can transmit images to the projector wirelessly and directly without a wireless access point.

Please check with your local Epson representative for more information on EasyMP features. An EasyMP brochure is available in English by clicking here, and is also available in several languages.

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