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Υποστήριξη και λήψεις: EH-LS100

Interactivity on two Projectors


  • Interactivity
  • Desktop extension
  • EB-485Wi/EB-475Wi/EB-1410Wi


    It is possible to support the interactive function not only on the primary display but also on a secondary display. Meaning two interactive projectors can be used as both desktop and extended desktop.

    Software to use

    • Epson USB display
    • Microsoft tablet/PC settings (Windows 7 only)
    • Nividia Control Panel (Windows 7 only)

    1. Install the software on the PC (USB Display).

    2. Configure Projectors 1 and 2.

    3. Configure the PC to the extended Desktop.

    Projector Configuration

    • Install the Epson USB Display software on Projector 1. Projector 1 will then display the main PC's screen using the Epson USB Display software.

    • Projector 2 will be used with either a HDMI or VGA cable to display the extended PC's desktop. This function will not work on a Network environment (Wireless or LAN).

    Projector 1 Configuration

    1. On the projector menu go to the Extended menu and choose USB type B, and enable USB Display/Easy Interactive Function

    2. On the Extended menu select Easy Interactive Function, then select Computer Interaction, Use Source = USB Display.

    3. Leave the setup menu; on projector 1 select USB Display as the source to display.

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    Projector 2 Configuration

    1. On the projector go to the Extended menu and select USB Type B and enable Easy Interactive Function.

    2. In the Extended menu select the Easy Interactive Function then Computer Interactive, and ensure the below settings are selected.
      • Use Source = HDMI
      • Number of Pen Users = One User
      • Pen Operation Mode = Pen
      • Enable Right Click = On

      • Leave the setup menu but still on Projector 2 select HDMI as the display source.

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      PC configuration

      Configure the PC to use either:

      • Primary display = Main PC screen (with start menu), used with the USB Display (Main Projector 1).

      • Secondary display = Extended PC Screen (without the start menu), used with a HDMI connection (Extended Projector 2).

      The NVIDIA control Panel is used for this demo:

      The same configuration is used for Windows 8:

      Configure the extended screen, to be used as a tablet (only with windows 7).

      1. Go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound then select Tablet PC Settings.

      2. Click on Setup.

      3. When Setup is launched you will see the below.

      4. Press Enter, the below will be displayed on Main Projector 1 and the PC screen.

      5. This time using the interactive pen, press the pen's tip on the extended projector 2. The below will then be displayed.

      6. The configuration is complete.


      If you conduct one of the below operations:

      • Reboot computer
      • Change USB connection port
      • Connect each cable
      • Change resolution
      You may need to set the Tablet PC Settings to the computer again in accordance with the procedure above.

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